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There was no movement from Kirk at all.

What breaks my heart the most about these reactions is that everyone has suddenly become their own opposite in the face of Kirk’s death. Energetic, joking Scotty looks like he’s aged at least ten years with grief, like he’ll never smile again. Strong, put-together Uhura completely breaks down. Spock gives no fucks about holding in his emotions. Bones looks like a child who just watched one of his parents walk out on him forever. They aren’t Jim’s crew anymore, not in these brief moments. They’re entirely different people.



Star Trek : TOS vs. 2009






he been throwing haymakers and not giving one fuck

that was such a dumb question. like folks weren’t already star trek fans.

Cho ain’t been giving a single solitary fuck about white people feelings.

Quickest way to my heart: Have the guts to tell off your boss for being a racist ass.

“Cho ain’t been giving a single solitary fuck about white people feelings.”

Right, because no white person gives a crap about the really fucking dodgy change to a character that one presumes was only made to capitalise on Benedict Cumberbatch’s current popularity. No white person gives a fuck about how amazing Ricardo Montalban was, and how he contributed to the nature of Star Trek as a series that strove to incorporate various POC in important roles. Yeah. No white person could possibly care about such things.

I mean, I’m sorry if I misinterpreted the point you were trying to make there, but seriously; There’s calling to attention the fact that they’ve needlessly whitewashed what is possibly the most awesome villain of Star Trek lore, and there’s deliberately downplaying the completely overblown reaction to Abrams when it’s the cast more than anything else giving these films anything close to a ‘Star Trek’ feel, and then there’s being fucking dense and calling out ‘white people’ as a whole because apparently you think Cho is bashing ALL of us for not giving a fuck. It has nothing to do with ‘white people feelings’ and more to do with ‘stupid fucking bullshit decisions’.



I’m Confused!

Star… wait.. what?